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// Hoist Your Socks and Raise Your Fists //

Through words and music the Dutch metalcore 4-piece Ann My Dice expresses their feelings and thoughts on social issues, world intoxication, a hint of love and all related matters. The band’s clear vision encourages never to stop asking questions and gives a loud call for action. By means of melody and heaviness Ann My Dice emposes power to their message. The band delivers a musical experience best described as the boosting riffs of Killswitch Engage combined with catchy hooks of While She Sleeps carrying the mood of Trivium. With a vigorous live show Ann My Dice knows how to translate each and every of their songs into a musical journey. An adventure in which things get done. Fists will rise to the sky, heads will bang from bodies and mosh pits will burst at the seams. Let yourselves drift away on the sound and be guided by the energy. O, and don’t forget to hoist your socks.

To welcome the summer of 2021 and start off fresh Ann My Dice released a novel single called Deliver Us. The song describes the bands own, though relatable, experience. In short: often enough people pretend to be different from what they actually are in order to live up to expectations and the perceived expectations of others. We put on a mask just to fit in. With this song we ask for deliverance from that inconvenient habit. A behaviour that can in fact only be adjusted by ourselves. Ironically, in the making of Deliver Us Ann My Dice dropped the mask and changed its own methods. Leaving them way more satisfied with the process and the outcome. Consequently, they believe to have made a song with a unique musical direction for Ann My Dice, which paves the way for growth. While you are reading this Ann My Dice is working on a mint new EP.

Deliver Us is the follow-up to the 2020 released single In Vain which came to live after both a lyrical and musical discovery of new grounds. Previously, the band released the EP Thorn which consists of three melancholic metalcore songs about love and pollution. Ann My Dice debut album To Start A Journey (2015) opened the doors to both national and international stages, and festivals covering most of Europe. Countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Croatia and Italy have been inundated with Ann My Dice’s metalcore.

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