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Ann My Dice is a 4-piece metalcore act from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The band combines
powerful riffs and breakdowns with hooks that will stay with you for a long time. Lyrically, the band is
inspired by the way we as humans interact with each other and especially with the Earth. Ann My
Dice takes a critical look at the current era we live in, offering a glimmer of hope both musically and
lyrically, motivating both friend and foe to take action.

The latest achievement is “World In Ember,” which determines the direction that Ann My Dice is
heading in terms of sound and theme. In 2020, Ann My Dice released their most played song titled
“In Vain,” marking a significant milestone for the band with tens of thousands of views. The
subsequent release, “Deliver Us,” was well-received in 2021.

Since its founding in 2012, Ann My Dice has had an eventful journey. After a few singles (“Wreckage”
& “Never Back Down”), the band released their album “To Start A Journey” in 2015. Four years later,
this was followed up by the EP “Thorn,” featuring the successful track “Whisper In The Dark” as the

In the live circuit, Ann My Dice is no stranger. The band has performed both domestically and
internationally, including venues such as Baroeg, Tivoli, Bibelot, and Fluor.

Ann My Dice consists of Nils (vocals/guitar), Ian (guitar), Jorn (bass), and Tim (drums).

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